Who we are

Our team has many years of experience with processing massive wood. Our products are 100% made out of natural wood The idea in that is to take the natural form of trees and use them as they are created by nature itself while we add to that beauty, thus creating a masterpiece. This makes every creation unique, because there are no same forms or patterns in nature. The uniqueness of the furniture we create for the home is in the fact that most of the wood we use has been affected only by the natural environment it has stood in With that the trees acquire the most amazing and breathtaking patterns and colors. The mastery in extracting the beauty of a root wrapped in а pile of soil makes our products unique and marvelous. For you to refresh and complete the living room, bedroom or your whole house we also offer LED lamps with an astonishing style.

Our tables are also one of a kind, because having a top that is boundless and never the same creates the fact that every table is different from the others. The finish – epoxy resin on the top that exposes the wonderful natural color and pattern of the wood even more The most used kind of tree by us is walnut. We like it, because it has almost and infinite patterns and colors. Other kinds of trees we use: maple tree, elm , cherry tree etc. What we do is add that unique finishing touch to natures creations.

Uniqueness 100%
Handmade 95%
Quality 100%
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